Cyber Electra offers end-to-end vulnerability management as a service program from identification to remediation of vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability management team helps you implement an effective vulnerability management program that includes software and hardware vulnerability identification, prioritization, and remediation activities.Learn more about how we can help you establish a vulnerability management program.

  √  Develop vulnerability management policy, standard, and vulnerability management framework with clearly defined people, process, technology ingredients

  √  Establish vulnerability management mandate and commitment with the integration of legal and regulatory compliance requirements

  √  Implement automated vulnerability management tools to provide consistent and accurate holistic enterprise vulnerability view from single pane of glass

  √  Conduct vulnerability scanning for servers, endpoints, databases, web applications, cloud components by orchestrating vulnerability remediation activities 

  √  Perform false positive vulnerability findings removal with intelligent analysis of infrastructure and application ecosystems

  √  Define vulnerability reporting templates, vulnerability reporting communication and status update process and procedures

  √  Prioritize vulnerability remediation activities according to well-defined vulnerability categorization framework to remediate vulnerabilities within prescribed timeliness

  √  Provide hands-on training to internal teams on vulnerability management, vulnerability assessment, vulnerability remediation, and vulnerability reporting