Partnering with Cyber Electra not only allows your organization to expand security coverage to a full 24x7x365 basis but also ensures successful implementation of mission critical security initiatives and projects. Whether you need temporary cyber security talent, temporary or direct to hire information security professionals or just security consulting services for your security projects, Cyber Electra provides the best and brightest certified security talents. 



Find the best information security talent by working with the best recruitment agency specialized in Information Security industry. At Cyber Electra, we select and work with the best Information Security resources. We deal with all vertical markets and skill sets, for both permanent and contract roles. Cyber Electra’s access to a vast pool of skilled Information Security  resources can be called upon when required, allowing your staff to be utilized more strategically. 

Security Architect: Designs, builds and oversees the security architecture and implementation of network, solutions, systems and applications for your organization. Having a robust security architecture for any IT project is not a luxury but a necessity that will save costly implementations and project failures. 

Security Engineer: Ensures adequate security controls in the design, implementation and operation of the systems are considered to protect confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Cryptographer (Cryptography specialist): Provides expert guidance on end-to-end encryption, cryptographic algorithms, PKI, key management, digital signature, hashing algorithms and more.

Security Analyst: Protects networks, applications, cloud, infrastructure from malicious attacks. They are experts in using security opeations centre (SOC) technologies such as SIEM, UBA, Application Security Testing tools, Cloud security tools, CASB, Firewall management, end-point security, risk and vendor management tools.

Security program and project manager: Ensures smooth implementation of cyber security initiatives conforming to internal and external compliance requirements.

Application security analyst: Runs static and dynamic security analysis testing tools and provides expert guidance to remediate the identified vulnerabilities by working with development, QA, and project teams.

Incident Response SME: Lead incident response activities while managing IR technology and processes.