Risk based approach of managing information systems is a mandatory activity that needs to be fully integrated into every aspect of the organization. Our cybersecurity risk teams help you develop and implement Risk Management Framework, Risk Appetite, Risk Assessment, Risk Monitoring, Risk Treatment, Risk Exception, and Risk Acceptance artifacts. Learn more about Cyber Security Risk Management service and technologies. Cyber Electra provide insight into your organization’s exposure to cyber risk and measure your preparedness to respond and handle security incidents. We guarantee improving your organization’s cyber security and compliance posture while reducing the cost of managing security risk and penalties of non-compliance with the following services:

  √  Develop risk management policy, risk appetite statement, and risk management framework with clearly defined people-process-technology aspects 

  √  Establish risk assessment mandate and commitment with the integration of legal and regulatory compliance requirements

  √  Conduct Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) according to established risk management framework, cyber security risk analysis and risk estimation methodology

  √  Treat the identified risk with risk reduction, risk retention, risk avoidance, and risk transfer techniques

  √  Develop risk acceptance document and risk acceptance sign-off procedures while socializing the risk artifacts with all lines of businesses

  √  Provide hand-on training to internal and external teams on risk assessment, risk advisory, risk remediation, and business risk reporting

  √  Assess vendor and supplier risk and provide continuous risk reporting with automated risk management reporting tools