SureLog is a next-generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool that monitors logs from network hardware and software to spot security threats, detect and prevent breaches, and provide forensic analysis. Surelog SIEM will help your organization:

  • Monitor anomalous access – Instantly identify potential unauthorized access to your critical assets from suspicious locations
  • Identify compromised credentials – Seamlessly spot user impersonation and compromised user or system accounts
  • Track user account creation – Report suspicious account creation and account management activities to security and HR teams
  • Monitor crown jewel assets – Identify all monitoring and traffic to your most critical assets in real-time
  • Monitor privileged users – Track all privileged user connections to crown jewel or executive assets by non-privileged or non-executive users
  • Monitor failed login and locked accounts – Get instant notification on suspicious login attempts and locked accounts due to high number of logon failures
  • Monitor remote access – Identify risky VPN access
  • Prioritize security alerts – Assign risk ratings to various security alerts and notify security incident teams automatically as per the high priority items
  • Monitor data exfiltration – Spot risky session trying to exfiltrate data 
  • Monitor email, database, and web traffic and endpoints – Identify risky email, database, endpoint and web data exfiltration attacks

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY – Save money with complete free-of-charge SureLog rapid installation services and license fees as low as $750 per month
  • IMPECCABLE TECH SUPPORT –    24x7x365 live SureLog certified technical personnel coverage for running and maintaining the SIEM provides your personnel to better manage work-life balance 
  • FREE TRAINING & AWARENESS SESSIONS –  Comprehensive and continuous on-site or remote SureLog free-of-charge SIEM training and awareness sessions empower your teams with cyber security knowledge
  • BOOST PRODUCTIVITY & MORALE- Enhanced correlation engine automates alerting your key resources upon detection of real threats while eliminating false positives contributing to successful employee retention


  • MEET COMPLIANCE MANDATE        Readily available compliance reports satisfy many regulatory compliance requirements including PCI DSS, SOX, HIPPA, ISO 27001, GDPR, GLBA and many more
  • SIMPLIFY SECURITY PROCESS –  Threat prioritization and single pane of glass view of security events from a wide variety of event and data sources simplify security information event management process
  • SUPPORT INCIDENT RESPONSE – Finding out the root cause of incidents and automatically notifying incident response teams supports forensic analysis and incident response processes
  • ENHANCE OPERATIONAL SUPPORT Out of the box 2000 predefined rules enhances operational support to identify and stop attacks as early as possible
  • BEHAVIOURAL ANALYSIS –  Out-of-box use cases for insider threat, fraudulent activities and cloud security
  • EFFECTIVE CYBER SECURITY – Real-time security event management across thousands of devices identifies attacks and attackers quickly
  • SUPERIOR EVENT CORRELATION – Simple rule and event creation enables your organization to detect security threats within minutes not hours or days
  • CENTRALIZED DATA MANAGEMENT – Collecting, processing, and storing log data in a central location helps your organization secure business data effectively and comply with local and global legal requirements
  • OUT-OF-BOX INTEGRATION –  Extensive integration capabilities with various IT and security tool stack enables your organization to see complete security posture 
  • THREAT LIBRARY & THREAT EXCHANGE – Extensive threat library allows you to search for threat actors and indicators of compromise (IOC)

The ultimate goal of the compliance (PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, ISO 270001 etc.) is to ensure data security in all possible ways. This means you should instantly detect suspicious activity occurring in your network, analyze it quickly to validate whether it’s a potential threat, and if so, take remedial measures immediately to stop future breaches. SureLog’s out-of-the-box advanced correlation rules can automate these workflows for achieving and maintaining compliance. SureLog enables a “collect once, comply with many regulations” methodology for meeting compliance requirements and keeping cost to a minimum.


Under the GDPR mandate, an organization has 72 hours to alert all affected parties and appropriate regulatory bodies. Collecting massive security event data from everywhere in your IT ecosystem is a challenging task. This is where SureLog steps in. SureLog is capable of collecting and aggregating security events from all endpoints, servers and security tool tack. Thanks to pre-build GDPR mappings and GDPR compliance reporting, SureLog helps your organization to comply GDPR mandate.

Traditional SIEM Solutions SureLog Next-Generation SIEM
Expensive Most affordable SIEM in the market
Takes months to implement Takes a day to implement
Produces excessive noise and false positives Zero noise thanks to superior correlation rules
Requires an army of security personnel to run Requires minimum personnel to maintain
Limited compliance reporting Extensive compliance reporting