There are two types of organizations: organizations that use open source software components and organizations that do not know that they are already using open source software components. Almost all modern applications used today leverage open source components.


Although open source software greatly helps delivering software to the market rapidly, if not managed properly, it may pose serious security and license related risks. Take Apache Struts, a well known open source component used in thousands of applications if not millions, brought many organizations including Equifax and Canada Revenue Agency to shut down the operations.


Cyber Electra provides state of art Sonatype technology and Open Source security services to protect your software supply chain from security vulnerabilities and licensing risks.  


Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle and Firewall implementation will provide:


√  Preventing vulnerable open source components entering into applications

√  Pinpointing open source vulnerabilities and license risks within seconds across your entire application portfolio 

√  Receiving immediate notifications when vulnerable or risky license components are introduced in your applications

√  Automating open source software security for your DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline

√  Remediating open source vulnerabilities faster with immediate guidance

√  Defining security and license policies that dictate which components are allowed to be used in your organizations and which ones are banned

√  Shift security to the left to reduce remediation and license violation costs 

Cyber Electra provides open source software security services including:


√  Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle and Nexus Firewall training

√  Design and architecture of automating open source security as part of CI/CD DevOps pipeline

√  Help legal and procurement teams to automate open source software policy requirements mandate via enforced policies

√  Integrate Sonatype Nexus Lifecycles and Firewall into development stack including Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, Maven, Docker, SonarQube and many more

√  Help development teams remediate open source vulnerabilities

√  Enable continuous auditing of license violations and security vulnerabilities in all phases of SDLC and production